Tue. Jun 25th, 2024
Nidecker Group Acquires Sole Technology

Pierre André Senizergues, a French skateboarding champion, founded Sole Technology over three decades ago. Recently, the Nidecker Group, a family-owned sports company based in Switzerland, acquired Senizergues’ four Lake Forest-based retail brands: Etnies, éS, Emerica, and ThirtyTwo. Despite the acquisition, Senizergues will retain a minority stake in the footwear and apparel brands he founded and will continue to serve as the group’s chief executive. The Sole Technology firm will no longer exist as a result of the acquisition.

In a recent statement, Senizergues expressed his difficulty in selling but acknowledged that at 61 years old, it was time to pass on the torch to “fresh blood.” He expressed confidence in Nidecker, citing their shared values and commitment to rider-owned principles as key factors in his decision.

Nidecker has roots dating back to 1887 as a woodworking company and has evolved to include a range of sports equipment such as snowboards, skis, and sleds. In addition to the four brands acquired from Sole Technology, Nidecker’s portfolio includes other snowboarding and outerwear brands like Bataleon, Jones, #YES, Rome, and its namesake Nidecker.

The chief executive of Nidecker expressed honor in continuing the legacy of the acquired brands and emphasized their commitment to maintaining their authenticity and quality standards moving forward. With this acquisition

By Aiden Nguyen

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