Tue. Jun 25th, 2024
Astros fans should brace for faster lines and potential headaches with new ticketing technology

The 2024 season for the Houston Astros is fast approaching, and anticipation for tickets is high. As fans eagerly await the opening series against the New York Yankees on Thursday, a new program has been introduced to streamline the ticketing process and reduce wait times.

In Philadelphia last year, a pilot program was launched that utilized facial recognition software to link a fan’s face with their purchased tickets. This technology allows fans to quickly scan their faces and proceed to enjoy the game without delay. The success of this pilot program has led to its implementation at Astros home games starting in 2024.

Through the MLB Ballpark App, fans can participate in a voluntary program that grants access to a “Go-Ahead Entry” line using facial recognition scanners. This eliminates the need for QR code scanning and other traditional ticketing processes, making entry more efficient. However, there are some concerns about the reliability of this technology, as MLB and the Astros may not use the most advanced scanners available.

Houston’s preparedness for potential technological issues will be crucial in determining the success of this program. Adequate training and backup plans will be necessary to ensure that any glitches are addressed promptly and effectively. Ultimately, whether this new system is effective will depend on how well Houston can address any challenges that may arise during its implementation.

As excitement builds for the upcoming season opener against the New York Yankees, fans can now look forward to a more streamlined ticketing process thanks to this new technology initiative by MLB and the Astros.

By Aiden Nguyen

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