Wed. Jun 19th, 2024
Hisense introduces new TV featuring QLED technology and 100-inch screen

Hisense has recently launched its new 100-inch TV, the 100E7NQ PRO, with advanced features that promise to revolutionize the home entertainment experience. The TV utilizes QLED technology with a Quantum Dot filter to enhance color gamut, resulting in more vivid colors and a wider range of shades for a more realistic viewing experience. Additionally, the Full Array Local Dimming function improves visual performance through precise backlighting control, optimizing contrasts and offering deeper blacks and brighter whites. With a 144Hz panel and 800 nits brightness, the 100E7NQ PRO ensures extreme clarity and fluidity in displaying every detail.

Available at major retailers like Euronics, Mediaworld, Unieuro, Expert, and Trony, the 100E7NQ PRO comes with a price tag of 2,499 euros. The E7N PRO line also offers different sizes ranging from 85″ to 55″, catering to various space and budget requirements.

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