Mon. Jun 17th, 2024
Europe Voting: Popularity Soars in Germany, Ultra-Right Surges in Austria

As the first data on the European elections comes in, it is evident that the political landscape in Europe is changing. The European People’s Party and the nationalist right are seeing growth, while the left is holding steady. The Greens and Liberals, however, are giving way. Projections from Europe Elects aggregator suggest a growth for the EPP group to 184 seats, a decline for the S&D socialists to 136 seats, and a decrease for the Liberals to 88 seats. Meanwhile, the ECR group is projected to increase to 73 seats. Id is expected to have 67 seats, the Greens 56, Left 36, and non-members 80.

In specific countries, CDU/CSU (EPP) is projected to lead in Germany with 30 seats, FPO (Id) in Austria with six seats, Labour-Green coalition in Netherlands with eight seats New Democracy (EPP) in Greece with eight seats and Progressive Workers’ Party in Cyprus with six seats as well.

Voter turnout was an important factor in shaping these results. France saw an increase in participation compared to previous elections. Higher turnouts were also reported in Hungary and Portugal while Spain experienced a decrease by midday. Germany had a turnout of 32.3% at 2pm showing a slight increase compared to previous elections held in

By Aiden Nguyen

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