Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024
Cirio makes a comeback in Piedmont, while Cagliari, Modena, and Bergamo lean towards the centre-left. Pescara favors the centre-right, with Florence and Perugia in the runoff.

The municipal and regional elections in Italy are coming to an end, with counting starting at 2 pm. In the Piedmont regional elections, Alberto Cirio has emerged victorious with 55.7% of the vote, while Gianna Pentenero came in second place with 33.9%. Sarah Disabato and Alberto Costanzo finished third and fourth respectively.

The centre-left candidate, Gianna Pentenero, congratulated Alberto Cirio on his win, while Forza Italia’s Antonio Tajani also called to congratulate him on the result. Meanwhile, in Cagliari, Massimo Zedda won the municipal elections for the third time, dedicating his victory to Giacomo Matteotti and Enrico Berlinguer. In Pescara, Carlo Masci was re-elected mayor, expressing gratitude to the city for its support.

Giulia Robol made history as the first female mayor of Rovereto, winning with 57.3% of the vote. In other cities like Florence, Bari and Bergamo mayors were confirmed in the first round of elections. Run-offs are expected in cities like Potenza, Sassari and Cremona. The outcomes of these elections reflect the diverse political landscape across Italy’s municipalities.

Alberto Cirio expressed satisfaction with his re-election as leader of Piedmont Region while emphasizing the responsibility that it brings. He thanked all those who voted for him and promised to continue working towards a better future for Piedmont region.

Meanwhile in other regions like Lazio and Emilia Romagna , voters turned out in large numbers to cast their ballots for renewal of their respective regional administrations.

In conclusion , these municipal and regional elections are a reflection of how diverse political landscape is across Italy’s municipalities . It will be interesting to see how these results will shape up further in coming days as run-offs are expected in some cities .

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