Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
The EU’s assistance is crucial for Eastern Finland

Eastern Finland is facing a difficult economic situation due to the Russian war of aggression. The complete closure of the Russian border has severely impacted the region, and businesses are struggling to keep up with the challenges. To revive the economy and vitality of Eastern Finland, the Finnish Confederation of Business and Industry (EK) has proposed several recommendations.

Harry Broman, Chairman of EK, suggests that Eastern Finland should be designated as a special economic zone to promote growth and development in the region. He emphasizes the importance of cooperation between public authorities and business organizations to ensure that Eastern Finland can thrive. The implementation of a special economic zone would focus on accelerating business activities to create a healthy, growing economy that contributes to national GDP.

The recommendations include improving air connections to Eastern Finland, increasing investments in tourism, implementing a broadband program, and providing support for companies experiencing growth, skills shortages, and changes in ownership. Additionally, EK calls upon the EU’s solidarity to support Russia’s neighboring countries facing significant challenges due to the crisis.

Despite strong determination and optimism among Eastern Finland’s companies, it is important for them to adopt a realistic approach given the country’s challenging financial situation. The prospect of returning to normal trade relations with Russia remains uncertain, but maintaining viability in the region requires collaboration between public and private sectors. In this way, EK’s recommendations offer hope for Eastern Finland’s future growth and sustainability.

By Aiden Nguyen

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