Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
Transfer Portal Beckons Drake Basketball’s Tucker DeVries

Darian DeVries, a former Bulldogs coach, recently discussed Drake basketball’s loss to Washington State in the NCAA Tournament. His son, Tucker DeVries, who played on the team during his father’s tenure, has entered the transfer portal. Tucker confirmed that he had been dealing with a shoulder injury for most of the season and required surgery. Despite this, he continued to play and contribute to the team’s success.

Tucker made a significant impact as a true freshman at Drake and excelled on the court throughout his time with the team. In his junior season, he averaged impressive statistics and helped lead Drake to several victories, including two Missouri Valley Conference tournament championships and appearances in the NCAA Tournament.

Darian DeVries announced that he would be joining West Virginia as the head basketball coach, which may signal other Bulldogs players entering the transfer portal following this move. Darian had a successful tenure at Drake, with multiple conference championships and NCAA Tournament appearances during his time with the team. The future of Drake basketball will certainly be impacted by these changes as the program looks to move forward without some key players and coaching staff.

The departure of Tucker marks a significant departure from Drake basketball’s roster. His injury was kept private until now due to concerns about how it would affect him in future competitions or signing opportunities if it became public knowledge. However, Tucker’s performance on the court has not been hindered by his injury.

Despite their differences in opinion regarding whether or not they should stay at Drake, both Darian and Tucker have expressed their gratitude for their time together at Drake.

Darian believes that Tucker has what it takes to succeed at any college level and is confident that he will find a new home where he can continue to grow as an athlete. On the other hand, Tucker is grateful for everything that Darian taught him during his time at Drake and looks forward to continuing their relationship in whatever capacity they choose.

As for West Virginia’s head coaching position, Darian is excited about taking over one of college basketball’s most storied programs. He believes that there are plenty of talented players out there waiting to make their mark on college hoops and plans on recruiting some of them once he gets settled into his new role.

Overall, while Tucker’s decision to enter the transfer portal may signal other Bulldogs players doing so as well following Darian’s departure from Drake as its head coach

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