Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024
EU Commission Launches Investigation into Apple, Google, and Meta, Threatening them with Massive Fines

A probe into the business practices of tech giants Apple, Alphabet’s Google, and Meta Platforms has been launched by the European Commission to determine if they have breached EU digital market regulations. This is the first investigation under the EU’s new Digital Market Act, which aims to regulate the dominance of technology companies and ensure fair competition in the digital marketplace.

The Digital Market Act targets the gatekeeping positions held by major tech companies to promote competition and consumer choice. Companies found in violation of the regulation could face hefty fines of up to ten percent of their global turnover. Given their significant revenues, these penalties could be substantial.

The specific focus of the investigation will be on Alphabet’s Google Play store, Apple’s App Store, Google’s search engine practices, and Meta’s Instagram and Facebook subscription payment models. The Commission will examine whether these companies adhere to the provisions outlined in the Digital Market Act with particular attention to potential anti-competitive behavior.

Commissioner Margrethe Vestager emphasized at a press conference that while Meta and Google have expressed their commitment to complying with the regulation, Apple has defended its operating methods and stated its confidence in their alignment with legislation. However, she noted that there is still work to be done to ensure that these companies are fully meeting the requirements set out in the Digital Market Act.

The investigation marks a crucial step in the EU’s effort to enforce digital market regulation and promote fair competition among tech companies. The outcome of this investigation will provide valuable insights into the practices of these major players in

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