Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024
Experience a ‘Foldable’ Apartment Designed to Accommodate a Family of Three Within 400 Square Feet

A Manhattan couple faced a dilemma eight years ago when they welcomed a child into their lives. They had to decide whether to move out of their one-bedroom apartment or find a way to make the space work for their growing family. Unwilling to chance the New York City housing market, which tends to get more expensive over time, the couple chose to stay put. However, they wanted to create separate sleeping spaces for their growing child and themselves, as they both worked as healthcare professionals.

Architect Robert Garneau became involved in the project, drawing on his experience with flexible spaces in his own New York City apartment from 25 years ago. He has worked on numerous projects across different locations including New York City, California, Spain, and France. Garneau emphasized the necessity of considering the entirety of a small space down to the square inch to ensure that everything fits properly. For this family, he designed a custom space that concealed an additional bedroom within the main living area using a movable wall and Murphy bed.

The apartment is located on Manhattan’s family-friendly Upper East Side and is only 400 square feet in total. Despite its small size, Garneau was able to create a flexible space that includes a living room, open kitchen, bedroom, and office within just 250 square feet of living space. The remaining 150 square feet are allocated to the hallway, bathroom, and the child’s main bedroom. The initial purchase price of the apartment in 2006 was around $300,000

By Aiden Nguyen

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