Tue. Jun 25th, 2024
Israeli Network Dismisses Anchor for Controversial Remarks on Rescued Hostage Appearance

Lama Tatour, an Arab-Israeli actor who was the host of Keshet 12’s Arabic cultural show “Perspective,” recently posted an Instagram story discussing Noa Argamani’s appearance after her release. Argamani was kidnapped during a terrorist attack by Hamas while attending the Nova music festival on October 7. She was forcibly taken by Hamas militants on a motorcycle while shouting for her life.

After 245 days in captivity, Argamani was finally rescued along with three other hostages. The heartwarming images and videos of her reuniting with her family spread quickly across social media and various news outlets. Tatour took to Instagram to comment on the images, expressing surprise at Argamani’s appearance after months in captivity.

In a translated statement by Haaretz, Tatour questioned how a girl who had been held captive for nine months could still look so well-groomed. She compared the state of Argamani’s appearance, including her eyebrows, skin, hair, and nails, to her own, expressing disbelief at the stark contrast. Tatour also raised concerns about the sacrifices innocent women and children are making in Gaza.

Following her controversial comments, Tatour’s Instagram account was made private, and she was reportedly dismissed from her role on the show “Perspective.” Khaled Natur, the show’s producer, announced her immediate termination, citing Keshet network’s strong condemnation of Tatour’s remarks. Despite the backlash, Keshet did not provide additional comments on the matter when reached for a response by Business Insider.

By Aiden Nguyen

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