Tue. Jun 25th, 2024
CARNET partners with the Center for Missing and Abused Children to create a safer internet for children

To enhance the safety of children and educate young people about responsible technology use, the Center for Missing and Abused Children and CARNET have partnered to establish a counseling center at the Center for a Safer Internet. This marks the beginning of a new era of collaboration aimed at improving online safety for children and youth.

The partnership between these two organizations signifies an important step towards creating a safer digital environment for children and young people, as well as strengthening efforts to prevent child abuse and disappearances. Through this collaboration, CARNET will provide technical support and resources to the Center for Missing and Abused Children, while the Center will leverage its experience in working with youth to develop innovative educational programs in partnership with CARNET.

Tomislav Ramljak, head of the Center for Missing and Abused Children, emphasized that this collaboration is crucial in connecting key stakeholders responsible for the well-being and education of children. By exchanging experiences and working together, they aim to respond more effectively to the challenges of creating a safer digital environment for children.

The ultimate goal of this collaboration is to empower children and young people with knowledge and tools for safe and responsible Internet use. Additionally, the partnership aims to support parents and teachers in safeguarding children from online dangers. CARNET Director Hrvoje Puljiz highlighted the joint responsibility for ensuring a safe online environment for young people and expressed the intention to provide a safer digital future for children through this collaboration.

Since its opening in March, the counseling center of the Center for a Safer Internet has become a key resource for providing support and guidance to parents, children,

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