Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024
China’s Economic Transition: A Shift, Not a Decline | Opinions

In recent years, China has been grappling with the consequences of rapid industrialization, which has led to heavy pollution. The country faced a crisis in the early 2010s with heavy smog and PM 2.5 pollution causing widespread respiratory illnesses. This prompted a shift towards greener growth as a clear policy priority in the second half of the decade, resulting in a significant reduction in pollution levels and carbon intensity over the past ten years.

The long-term goals of greener growth in China are to reach Peak Carbon by 2030 and achieve full carbon neutralization by 2060. To achieve this, the country will need to make substantial investments in green infrastructure and technology, estimated to be around USD 14-17 trillion by the World Bank. While green infrastructure may have a lower economic multiplier effect compared to traditional investments, it is crucial for sustainable development and aligns with China’s fiscal policy priorities.

China’s approach to promoting green industries has been effective in positioning the country competitively in key future sectors. Despite receiving praise for its green development efforts, there have been concerns about fair competition and struggling companies within certain industries such as solar power in the 2010s. However, these challenges have not deterred China from continuing its focus on greener growth, which is essential for its sustainable development and global leadership in the green economy.

Overall, while there may be issues along the way, China’s commitment to greener growth is commendable and will play a vital role in shaping its future economic trajectory.

By Aiden Nguyen

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