Sun. Jun 16th, 2024
Waterton Park Added to Heritage List as World’s First Nature Reserve

Charles Waterton, a naturalist in the 19th century, created Waterton Park on his family estate near Wakefield. This park is believed to be the world’s first nature reserve, where wildlife and humans can coexist for their mutual benefit. Waterton banned hunting and fishing on the grounds and built a boundary wall to keep out predators, making it the first known example of a landscape designed to protect wildlife.

In addition to his efforts to prevent disturbance and predators, Waterton planted new trees and undergrowth cover and created new habitats for native birds. He allowed part of the lake to become swampy for the benefit of herons and waterfowl. As a result of his work, he recorded 5,000 wildfowl on the lake during one winter and noted 123 bird species in the park over the years.

Waterton was not only concerned about protecting wildlife but also encouraging people to visit the park and connect with nature. Sarah Charlesworth, listing team leader for Northern England, praised Waterton as a visionary who recognized the importance of protecting wildlife and the link between nature and human well-being. With Waterton Park, he created a prototype for modern nature reserves where people can enjoy spending time in nature while still respecting its preservation.

John Smith, chair of Friends of Waterton’s Wall, expressed hope that recognizing Waterton Park as a historically significant site would bring more attention to Waterton’s life and work locally and nationally. Despite being gone from this world long ago, Waterton’s legacy continues to inspire conservation efforts today.

By Aiden Nguyen

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