Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
The Diversity of Brick Buildings for Living or Working

In 2024, Wienerberger awarded the Brick Award to five international projects that highlight the versatility and aesthetic appeal of brick architecture. The goal of the award is to recognize pioneers in the field and support innovative solutions that address environmental and social challenges in construction.

The Brick Award was first launched in 2004 and is awarded every two years. This year, five winners were selected from 734 projects submitted from 54 countries. Each project was chosen for its aesthetics, innovation, and sustainability.

The International Rugby Experience in Ireland won first place for its use of brick as a dominant material in the building’s design. The Apartment building M 5605 in Argentina received recognition for its geometric spatial structures created with brick. The Public Pavilion in Spain was praised for its unique use of brick in creating a modern and functional space. The Intermediate House in Paraguay showcased how brick can be used to create sustainable housing solutions, while the Electricity Supply Board Headquarters in Ireland demonstrated how brick can be incorporated into contemporary architecture while maintaining its traditional beauty.

The winning projects showcase the diverse range of ways that brick can be used in architecture, from traditional to modern designs. The Brick Award continues to promote the use of this versatile building material while encouraging innovation and sustainability in construction practices.

Overall, these awards serve as an inspiration to architects around the world to explore new ways of using brick in their designs while also contributing towards creating a more sustainable future for our built environment.

By Aiden Nguyen

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