Sun. Jun 16th, 2024
Judge seeks access to British Museum employee’s online accounts after theft of museum pieces

A British judge granted access to the eBay and Paypal accounts of a former British Museum employee accused of stealing hundreds of items from the museum’s collection on Monday. The former employee, who was fired after being accused of the thefts, has since been sued by the museum.

Last August, the museum announced that it had been the victim of a series of thefts and accused the former employee, Daniel Burgess, of being behind them. Burgess has denied any wrongdoing and claims that he was unfairly dismissed.

The High Court judge in London requested access to Burgess’s eBay and Paypal accounts based on evidence provided by the museum. According to Burgess’s lawyer, the former employee allegedly stole hundreds of items and sold them on eBay using fictitious names and false documents to conceal the theft. The objects were sold for significantly below their actual value, and Burgess allegedly manipulated the museum’s registers to cover his tracks.

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