Mon. Jun 17th, 2024
Blount County Jail accepts inmates from Autauga County in order to address “health and safety concerns”

On Thursday morning, the Autauga County Metro Jail was evacuated due to health and safety concerns. The specifics of these issues were not disclosed at the time. Following the evacuation, Blount County Sheriff’s Office announced on Facebook that they would be taking in 24 inmates from Autauga County due to the situation.

In an interview with Blount County Sheriff Mark Moon on Friday afternoon, he stated that the length of time the inmates would stay in Blount County custody was uncertain. Sheriff Moon mentioned that the Autauga County Commission would be responsible for addressing and resolving the issues at the jail, leading to the evacuation.

The Autauga County jail site listed a total of 164 inmates, with Blount County offering to house 45 inmates and ultimately taking in 24. This brought Blount County’s inmate count to its maximum capacity of 175. However, Sheriff Moon noted that they were prepared and had recently released 14 inmates to alleviate overcrowding.

Some inmates in Blount County expressed concerns about the financial responsibility for housing Autauga County inmates. Sheriff Moon clarified that Autauga County would continue to pay for food and medical expenses for their inmates housed in Blount County. Surrounding counties were also contacted for assistance with housing Autauga

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