Tue. Jun 25th, 2024
Survey on Health Needs Now Available to LGBTQ Residents of Pennsylvania

LGBTQ Health Needs Assessment for Pennsylvania Now Open

The 2024 Pennsylvania LGBTQ Health Needs Assessment is now open for responses and will close in August. This biannual survey evaluates health needs and disparities among LGBTQ people in the state. All LGBTQ Pennsylvanians who are 13 or older are encouraged to take the survey, which takes about 25 minutes to complete. The assessment is funded by the state Department of Health and administered by the Bradbury Sullivan LGBT Community Center and Public Health Management Corporation.

The purpose of the assessment, according to state Health Department Communications Director Barry Ciccocioppo, is to strengthen the health and well-being of the LGBTQ+ community by identifying health disparities and barriers to care and exploring possible strategies for addressing these issues. The survey collects data on health care experiences, nutrition, exercise, tobacco use, drug and alcohol use, sexual health, mental health, and food and housing security.

In 2022, the survey collected about 300 responses from Lehigh Valley residents out of a total of 4,228 responses. The results showed that access to HIV prevention and mental health services were key needs amongst the LGBTQ community in the Lehigh Valley. The full 2022 statewide report can be found on the Bradbury Sullivan website.

If you are a LGBTQ Pennsylvanian, take this opportunity to have your voice heard by participating in this important survey before it closes in August. Your input will help shape the future of LGBTQ health care in Pennsylvania.

By Aiden Nguyen

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