Tue. Jun 25th, 2024
Boeing Receives Only Three Net Orders in May Amid Ongoing Scandals

Boeing, the aircraft manufacturer, is currently facing difficulties in its production process. In May, the company received only three net orders and delivered 24 commercial aircraft. The firm order for four 787-10 Dreamliners came from Taiwanese company Eva Air, while Argentinian company Aerolineas Argentinas canceled a 737 MAX order. Boeing attributes the slow pace in production and supply problems to its efforts to improve production quality.

Deliveries in May included 19 737 MAX aircraft, with Ryanair receiving four, followed by Alaska Airlines, Copa Airlines, and Air India. Boeing also delivered two 767s for military purposes and one cargo version for Fedex, as well as two Dreamliners to other companies. Deliveries to China remain suspended due to additional approval requested by the Chinese Civil Aviation Agency. As a result of these challenges, Boeing’s shares fell on the stock exchange.

Boeing’s production rate for the 737 was frozen earlier in the year by the FAA, with plans to ramp up production to 50 planes per month by 2025-2026. Since the beginning of the year, Boeing has received 142 gross orders and delivered 131 aircraft. Airbus, its European competitor, had delivered 256 aircraft by the end of May. Boeing’s order book currently stands at 6,188 aircraft.

Despite these challenges, Boeing remains actively seeking solutions to improve its operations. The company is currently in exclusive negotiations with Israeli company El Al for a fleet renewal. While production and delivery struggles continue to plague Boeing, it remains optimistic about finding ways to overcome these obstacles and improve its operations moving forward.

By Aiden Nguyen

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