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After numerous incidents, Boeing CEO steps down

Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun announced his retirement at the end of the year in a statement released on Monday. Calhoun will continue to lead the company through the end of the year to ensure stability and prepare it for the future. The names of his successor and other top executives who are also departing have not yet been revealed.

In addition to Calhoun, several other top executives at Boeing are leaving their positions. Stan Deal, CEO of Boeing’s commercial aircraft division, is retiring and will be replaced by Stephanie Pope. Larry Kellner, chairman of Boeing, is also stepping down and will be succeeded by Steve Mollenkopf. The reasons for these leadership changes are unclear at this time.

Calhoun was appointed CEO in 2020 to restore confidence in Boeing after two plane crashes in 2018 and 2019. Following the crashes, the 737 MAX was grounded globally. The recent incidents with technical defects have added to Boeing’s challenges. Calhoun emphasized the need for transparency and humility in addressing these issues in a letter to employees following his appointment as CEO.

Boeing’s stock rose about 1 percent following the announcement of the leadership changes. The company is under pressure to improve its quality and safety standards amidst ongoing challenges. Calhoun’s departure marks a significant transition for Boeing, and the company will need to navigate these changes carefully to regain trust and stability.

Boeing has faced numerous challenges over the past few years, including technical issues with its aircraft and delays in deliveries due to pandemic-related disruptions. These challenges have put pressure on Boeing’s leadership team, resulting in several high-level departures.

The departure of CEO Dave Calhoun marks another significant change for Boeing as he steps down at the end of this year after serving just over two years in his role.

Calhoun’s predecessors include Dennis Muilenburg, who resigned after two fatal plane crashes involving 737 Max planes.

The latest round of leadership changes includes new CEOs for various divisions within Boeing such as commercial aircraft division head Stan Deal stepping down from his role, being replaced by Stephanie Pope.

Chairman Larry Kellner is also stepping down from his position at Boeing and will be succeeded by Steve Mollenkopf.

Despite recent struggles with technical issues with its aircraft and delays in deliveries due to pandemic-related disruptions

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