Tue. Jun 25th, 2024
Artificial intelligence dominates operating systems at Apple’s developer event

Apple is set to launch iOS 18 with the new iPhone generation in September, featuring several innovations that will revolutionize the user experience. The new operating system includes the ability to turn still images into 3D images, which can be integrated into the room and shared with remote users.

In addition to this, iOS 18 offers enhanced control over the home screen through a new control center, making it easy for users to navigate between screens. Users can also customize icons on the lock screen and enjoy improved messaging capabilities, email organization, and mobile payment services.

AirPods are set to feature head movement controls for answering calls and noise reduction technology, while Apple TV will introduce new viewing options. The Apple Watch 11 focuses on fitness and health monitoring, with improvements to the calculator and note-taking capabilities with the Apple Pencil on the iPad.

Apple is also integrating artificial intelligence into its devices under the brand “Apple Intelligence.” This AI system will enhance notifications, suggest text improvements, coordinate between apps, enhance Siri’s capabilities, and prioritize data security.

Furthermore, ChatGPT, an external AI chat system, will be integrated into Apple devices, adding new functionalities and capabilities to the user experience. Apple is committed to further integrating external AI systems into its devices to enhance user interactions and experiences.

Overall, these innovations will make iOS 18 a game-changer for users of all ages and backgrounds. With these features at their fingertips

By Aiden Nguyen

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