Sun. Jun 16th, 2024
Baton Rouge Clinic to Merge with Affinity Health Group

In a bid to improve patient care and expand medical services, Affinity Health Group (AHG) has announced that they will be transitioning their clinical operations to The Baton Rouge Clinic. This move is part of the group’s mission to grow and expand throughout the state of Louisiana.

The Baton Rouge Clinic CEO, Edgar Silvey, spoke about the alignment of core values between the two organizations, emphasizing their commitment to clinical excellence and community service. He assured patients that their priority of providing quality healthcare services would continue to drive all decisions moving forward.

By joining forces with The Baton Rouge Clinic, AHG will become part of one of the largest independent provider groups in Louisiana. Despite the transition, AHG’s President and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. David Yarbrough, emphasized that their focus on delivering high-quality care to patients would remain unwavering.

Through this integration, AHG clinicians will have access to valuable tools and resources that will enable them to continue providing the same level of high-quality care more effectively. For more information about Affinity Health Group, visit their website.

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