Wed. Jun 19th, 2024
Maximilian Krah is departing from the European Parliament delegation

The Alternative for Germany (AfD) has decided to withdraw its support for top candidate Maximilian Krah in an effort to heal the rift within the party. Despite this setback, Krah and his network are not giving up.

The decision to remove Krah came just one day after the European elections, where the AfD delegation in the European Parliament saw a significant reduction in its size. At their first meeting following the elections, 15 AfD MPs voted to expel Krah from the group, with only three MPs opposing the decision. René Aust from Thuringia was elected as the new head of the delegation.

Krah had faced criticism for his statements and campaign appearances, including his comment in an Italian newspaper suggesting that not all members of the Nazi SS were criminals. His expulsion was also seen as a response to allegations of spying for China and concerns about reputational damage to the party.

Despite internal turmoil, the AfD achieved a strong performance in the European elections, coming in second with 15.9% of the vote. The party leadership acknowledged the need for internal reviews and improvements to decision-making processes to prevent similar situations in the future.

With Krah removed from the group,

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