Sun. Jun 16th, 2024
Repubblica: Milan outbids Juventus for Rabiot with higher salary offer – the latest update

AC Milan is on track to sign Adrien Rabiot as a welcome gift for their new head coach, Paulo Fonseca. The Italian club has surpassed Juventus’ salary offer to Rabiot in the ongoing negotiations, showing their determination to secure the player’s services.

Rabiot’s contract with Juventus is set to expire, creating an opportunity for Milan to add another midfielder to their squad. The club has been in talks with Rabiot’s entourage for a while and is eager to bring him in on a free transfer. According to reports, Milan offered Rabiot a higher salary than Juventus, indicating their seriousness in pursuing the player.

Juventus, however, wants to keep Rabiot and has made an offer of €7 million net per season to retain him. But Milan’s bid for Rabiot stands at €7.5 million net per season, indicating their strong desire to secure the player’s services. The decision is now in Rabiot’s hands as he is also being linked with a potential move to the Premier League where clubs are willing to offer high wages.

Milan is hopeful that Rabiot will choose them over other suitors and strengthen their midfield for the upcoming season. If successful, it will be a significant boost for the club as they look forward to competing at the highest level next season under Fonseca’s leadership.

In conclusion, AC Milan has shown its commitment towards signing Adrien Rabiot by offering him a higher salary than Juventus. The decision now lies with Rabiot who is being courted by several clubs including those from the Premier League that are ready to offer high wages.

By Aiden Nguyen

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