Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
Grant from the National Science Foundation funds research on sustainable development biofertilizers in South Dakota

A South Dakota scientific collaboration is working on finding alternatives to synthetic fertilizer. Researchers from South Dakota Mines, South Dakota State University, North Dakota State University, and Sitting Bull College are collaborating on this project, which has received a $4 million National Science Foundation award. The goal of this project is to develop biofertilizers that can provide farmers with a more natural and eco-friendly option for enhancing soil fertility and crop yields.

Prasoon Diwakar, Ph.D., an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at South Dakota Mines, shared his insights on the research during an interview on “In the Moment” on SDPB Radio. He explained how the development of biofertilizers could lead to a more sustainable and efficient solution for fertilizing croplands in South Dakota. Tanvi Govil, Ph.D., an assistant professor of chemical and biological engineering at Mines, also discussed her role in the project and their hope that biofertilizers could revolutionize the way crops are grown in South Dakota.

The ultimate goal of this collaboration is to reduce the reliance on synthetic fertilizers, which can have negative environmental impacts. By developing biofertilizers, the researchers aim to provide farmers with a more natural and sustainable option for enhancing soil fertility and crop yields. This research project has the potential to transform the agricultural industry in South Dakota by leading to a more environmentally friendly approach to farming practices.

In conclusion, this collaboration between four universities in South Dakota is focused on developing biofertilizers as an alternative to synthetic fertilizer use in agriculture. The team’s work has received funding from the National Science Foundation and aims to create a more sustainable solution for farmers while reducing negative environmental impacts associated with traditional fertilizer use.

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